Corning Museum of Glass, the storyteller of glass

UAP Media was grateful to attend 2016 Corning Museum of Glass’s Dinner last night. The dinner was meaningful and delightful.

Corning Museum of Glass has 150 years history. Founded in 1952, it dedicated to telling the story of a single material: glass.

You might feel confused. How much can you say about the glass? Actually there is more than just the glass. It involves history, culture, art, technology, craft, design, and science. Come to Corning Museum of Glass and let people there tell you about the story of glass.

There are different sections in the museum that you can explore. Not only there are various collections but also inside the museum they offer “Rakow Research Library” for people to do research. Interested in making glass yourself? They offer “Make Your Own Glass.” The last but not the least, you can learn about the science and technology behind innovations in glass through hand- on exhibits in “innovation center.”

Corning Museum of glass is an international leader for people to get engaged, educated, and inspired through the art, history, and science of glass.

For more information, look at Corning Museum’s official website.