How to reach your Customers?

According to a study done by Multimedia Mentor, Asian Americans in the age group of 25-54 spend on average 50% more time on the Internet than all other men in the same age group, and 9% more time than average reading newspapers; They spend 10% less time than average watching Television, 18% less time than average reading Magazines and a significant 55% less time than average listening to Radio.  

As we can see, internet and ethnic newspapers are the most popular media that Asian Americans use. And most Asian Americans have online purchase experience.

Consumers' behavior

Asian Americans are price driven shoppers who are drawn to brands.

  • 72% consider the brand names are important to them.

  • American brands are more expensive in China. To Asian immigrants, American brand names are more appeal to them.

Purchase Decision

  • Asian Americans tend to educate themselves about products and price before making any major purchase.  

  • Asian Americans do the most online shopping out of any demographics.

Best ways to reach Asian market

In 2010, the best ways to reach Asian American are print (Especially News, cooking & wellness, and cooking magazines are their preferences), word of mouth, internet, sharing values, recognizing key holidays and celebrations. As the time goes by and driven by culture, using customers' languages can appeal the groups of Asian American.

  • Asian Americans prefer to be targeted through media in their language.  

  • Coupons are in-language or inserted in Asian newspapers can draw their attentions.

  • Direct mail with deal or bilingual

Overall, considering consumer behavior patterns and preferences are important to approach Chinese American market. Besides, that would be nice to have explanatory indirect mail or online will allow the consumers to make decisions easier. Since Chinese Americas are actually influenced by advertising, it is important to have in-store signage present in retail.

Sources: Jupiter Research, Pew Internet and American Life Project, Global Reach, Knowledge Networks, Multimedia Mentor